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Joanna Lohr


I have been teaching the art of Pysanky since 2010. First, I started with groups of friends and later moved to formal settings. I have been teaching at Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick, MD, for the last four years. Also, I led pysanki workshops at: the Polish Heritage Association in Baltimore, Sanctuary Workshops in Rockville, at a local church and the Animal Shelter in Frederick and at MacroGenics, the company I work for.

I am a biochemist by education and work as a Director overseeing clinical trials. As part of my work I present to physicians and nurses as well as my coworkers. By choice, every year, I singularly design and lead team building events for a group of over 30 people.

I started and led for two years a group who met monthly to do crafts when listening to environment related topics. I did the presentations or invited activists to share with the group.

Art is my hobby and passion. I have attended multiple seminars and workshops at the Smithsonian over the last 6 years with 8 events so far in 2018.

Apart from making pysanki, I make stained glass, mosaics, bead jewelry, blown glass ornaments, and embroidered Christmas stockings.

Below are two articles about my classes which were posted in the local Frederick News Post: