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Smithsonian Associates receives no federal funding. It is your support that provides the foundation of our work. Even a modest gift is a vital investment in the variety and richness of our programs.

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How your support will be used
Smithsonian Associates is not federally funded and relies entirely on donations and membership support to bridge the gap between program expenses and ticket revenue. Your gift will help us continue to produce a wide variety of rich high-quality programming.
Studio Arts
Smithsonian Associates' Studio Arts Department has offered hands-on art classes for over 40 years. Your gift will support our courses and workshops, which focus on skill building and creative exploration and are taught by professional artists and experienced teachers.
Discovery Theater
Discovery Theater, Smithsonian Associates' live theater for children since 1979, provides high-quality programming to more than 50,000 children, their parents, teachers, and schools each year. Your gift will allow us to continue offering exceptional, educational programs at a price that is accessible to all.

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This one-time gift is fully tax-deductible and will not affect your current level of membership and benefits. Want to enhance your benefits? Upgrade your membership!

Employer matching gifts are also a great way to add to your support for Smithsonian Associates.