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Smithsonian Associates produces vibrant educational and cultural programming inspired by Smithsonian's research, collections and exhibitions. Volunteers are an integral and invaluable part of our operations!

Volunteer Opportunites

Smithsonian Sleepovers at the Natural History Museum

Have fun as an Activities Leader and oversee a game, craft, or other creative activity for 8-14 year olds and their chaperones. Smithsonian Sleepovers takes place between June and August, 2024, and shifts are from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Volunteers do not spend the night.

Benefits & Privileges

Our volunteers enjoy a host of benefits and privileges such as discounted or free tickets, discounts on food around the Smithsonian, and more!

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Linda Koepnick
Event Rep Volunteer since 2004
Deciding to volunteer for Smithsonian Associates is one of the smartest things I have ever done. The variety of speakers is breathtaking, everyone from Sandra Day O'Connor to Joe Torres. It has been a pure joy.
Sharon Boyle
Study Tours Bus Rep since 2014
My volunteer experience with Smithsonian Associates gives me the opportunity to continue learning about a variety of topics that interest me, but the best part is that I learn about things that I never knew I would enjoy! Its a gift to be a part of it all!
Alejandrina Munoz
Remote Volunteer since 2020
Volunteering via live streamed programs has probably been the best thing to come of the pandemic since its allowed me to help out all the way from Texas! My favorites have been studio arts courses, such as Beginning Drawing. I really enjoyed watching everyone's progress.
Mort Glassberg
Remote Volunteer since 2020
I love being a Smithsonian Associates Remote Volunteer. Whether you're broadcasting the Smithsonian introductory slides, posting information in the chat box, or curating audience questions, you get to work closely with Smithsonian Associates staff, your fellow volunteers, and our presenters (many of whom are world famous), to put together the best possible experience for our viewers.
Stacy Baker
Remote Volunteer since 2020
I volunteer because I've benefitted as an Associate member for years and want to help Smithsonian streaming events keep going off without a hitch. It's a privilege to help ensure nothing distracts from the excellent content!
Tori Croslin
Remote Volunteer since 2020
I was eager to be a Smithsonian Associates volunteer and these are just a few of the reasons why: 1) opportunity to meet (via zoom at this time) different people 2) learn about different topics I may not have been exposed to in my work and personal life. I have certainly been able to fulfill these reasons and more volunteering for the varied topics provided by Smithsonian Associates' programs. There are also discounted (and some free) programs available for volunteers. It's a Win/Win!
David Young
Remote Volunteer since 2020
Remote volunteering during the pandemic has been an unexpected treat and an awesome coping mechanism. I look forward to supporting the SA team and learning amazing things for each program. The world comes to my laptop.
Jan Mutka
Remote Volunteer since 2020
The best part of helping as a remote volunteer is working with the wonderful Smithsonian Associates staff. Also, I learn so much from the interesting and knowledgeable speakers. I assist with Zoom programs for art, art history, religion, music, travel, flower arranging and many more!
Nicole DiMella
Remote Volunteer since 2020
I'm not sure if she's impressed, (it takes a lot) but my 10-year old daughter has peeked in on my Studio Arts programs and plans to check out my upcoming Marie Antoinette at Versailles lecture. It's nice that my volunteering is encouraging her to learn more and showing her I enjoy learning too!
Pat Seals
Event Rep and Study Tours Bus Rep since 2014
One of the best things about being a Smithsonian Associates Event Rep and Bus Rep are the broad areas of program choice. I have truly enjoyed this kind of volunteering and look forward to doing it for many more years.
Rita Chow
Event Rep since 1999
I chose Smithsonian Associates for the impressive breadth of its program offerings. And now 19 later, I believe that volunteering is one of life's immeasurable gifts for collegial friendships and gaining educational stimulating insights.
Rick Davidson
Event Rep since 1975
There are many things that I like about volunteering at Smithsonian Associates. I like the experience to see a lot of kind, interesting people—both participants, speakers, other volunteers and the staff, too. Watching the work they do to keep this organization running is really impressive.