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Andargé Asfaw


Andargé Asfaw is an award-winning photographer, educator, and author. His powerful portraits and luminous landscapes have been exhibited in several national and international exhibitions, and are held in private collections worldwide. Andargé’s work appears in national and international publications and includes imagery from the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. His book, Ethiopia from the Heart, was released in June 2007. Andargé maintains a commercial photography studio, F/Stop Studio.

Artist Statement

There is a story behind every image that I capture. When I look into the eyes of someone in my photographs, I am captivated by their presence. In my landscapes, I seek the wisdom of the past. Leaves, a cave, a pile of stones, all represent the soul of a place.

The colors and mood of light are a constant source of inspiration. I translate my images into printed work using all different types of media. My background in alternative photographic processes, such as platinum, palladium and cyanotype, has expanded the way I look the photographic print. I use film, digital, and various camera formats.