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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership & Tickets

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Have specific questions on the policies for joining Smithsonian Associates and maintaining your membership? Read our Membership FAQs and contact us for any further questions.

  1. Membership
  2. Registration Tips and Policies
  3. Refund Policy
  4. Accessibility

Program Information

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Browse our Program Information FAQs for general information regarding the many types of Smithsonian Associates programs.

  1. Streaming Programs
  2. Lectures, Seminars, & Courses
  3. Study Tours
  4. Studio Arts

Event Locations

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Are you in need of information to help you choose the best route for traveling to a Smithsonian Associates event from a specific location? View our Event Location FAQs as a starting guide for your Metro and parking options.

  1. Event Venues
  2. Parking Options