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Marcie Wolf-Hubbard


Marcie Wolf-Hubbard received her B.A. from the University of Maryland in Studio Art and studied Fine Art and Illustration at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Her paintings have been shown in over 50 exhibitions during the last 30 years, and she has illustrated for magazines and books, as well as worked as a courtroom illustrator. Marcie is an instructor at Glen Echo Park, Yellow Barn Studios, and the Smithsonian.

The painting is a play of light, with a captivating surface you want to touch. Marcie uses the encaustic painting to highlight her drawing. Texture, luminosity, layers, and dimension come into play in the construction of her artwork. She uses addition and subtraction making the painting more of a sculptural form while playing with collage elements to add more texture and depth.

Her website is

Teaching Philosophy

My drawing is an appreciation of the life, personality, spirit and beauty of humanity. Rough charcoal lines beneath layers of diaphanous color describe the figures in environments, evoking a personal narrative. We become voyeurs, peeking at protagonists through a magic colored window. The “back and forth” of additive collage imagery, the carving, and coloring of wax marries with encaustic’s mysterious depth and transparency to add a frisson of excitement to the still and quiet worlds before us.