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Accessibility FAQs


  1. What access services are provided by Smithsonian Associates?
    Accessibility for In-Person Programs

    Smithsonian Associates seeks to make programs and activities accessible to everyone. Patrons with questions regarding accessibility for in-person programs are encouraged to call before registering for programs to inquire about the accessibility of presentations and locations. For information or to request accessibility assistance, please contact our customer service team.

    Contact us for more information about accessiblity

    Accessibility for Online Programs

    Closed captioning is routinely provided for most programs. For small format programs, such as Studio Arts classes and workshops and Smithsonian Summer Adventures closed captioning is provided upon request. Patrons who require closed captioning to participate are asked to contact our customer service team by eamil at least two weeks prior to the program.

    Request closed-captioning

  2. Does Smithsonian Associates provide sign language interpreters?

    Sign language interpreters for Smithsonian Associates in-person programs and special events are provided free of charge through the Smithsonian Accessibility Program. Contact our customer service team at least two weeks prior to your program to request a sign language interpreter.

    Request a sign-language interpreter