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Developing Black-and-White Film at Home

2-Session Weekend Workshop

Saturday, September 7 and 14, 2019 – 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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With a little investment, you can easily develop your own 35mm or 120mm black-and- white film at home. It will be more cost-effective, and typically provide better results.

Bring two rolls of exposed film (of the same type and speed) to the class. Participants are led through each stage of the chemical process to develop their negatives. As they dry, learn about film-developing theory in more detail, negative storage, film scanners, printing options, and more.

Take home detailed, step-by-step developing instructions, along with a complete list of supplies you’ll need to continue processing your own film.

Instructor: Joe Yablonsky

2 session; 3 hours each

S. Dillon Ripley Center
Photolab 3036
1100 Jefferson Dr SW
Metro: Smithsonian (Mall exit)