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Spending time at home doesn't mean we can't travel—at least online. This week's Digital Digest can take you and your family from real-time visits to the labs of Smithsonian scientists to the best seats in the house (yours, that is) for an array of performances from around the world. And there are some opportunities for some history-focused time travel, too.

It's all designed to make sure you continue to enjoy what you've come to value from Smithsonian Associates: programs and experiences that are entertaining, informative, eclectic, and insightful.

Stay-at-Home Science Adventures

How do you keep your at-home learners engaged with science? Smithsonian Science How might be the answer. Smithsonian Associates' Discovery Theater is proud to be a co-sponsor of the Natural History Museum's live, interactive, free webcast series that brings together elementary school students and Smithsonian scientists to explore topics from meteorites to minerals, dinosaurs to biodiversity. DT's director Roberta Gasbarre serves as a creative consultant, working with scientists and hosts on the content and format of the shows. Young science fans with a likin' for lichens won't want to miss the April 16 webinar.

View the Webcast Series

C-SPAN Program Pick

In her recent Smithsonian Associates course History Through Artists' Eyes, art historian Judy Scott Feldman examined the complex interplay between artistic expression and social and political content. Her March 11 lecture, The American Revolution and Civil War: Controversies About the Stories We Tell, is among the latest additions to our C-SPAN library.

Watch the Program

A Salute to Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month, but we share the love for our Smithsonian Associates volunteers year-round. They're the essential people who greet our audiences at programs, accompany study tours, provide support in the studios, and bring a myriad of professional skills to their work in our offices. Our hats are off to their commitment, warmth, ingenuity, and professionalism-and their many talents. As an example, we spotlight the charming views of Smithsonian museums captured by Mark Geiger, who has been a Studio Arts program volunteer for 12 years. Thank you, Mark-and all our volunteers!

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Alexander von Humboldt: His World of Nature

We're working to reschedule our program on the noted the 19th-century Prussian naturalist and explorer planned in collaboration with the American Art Museum.

In the mean time, learn about the multi-faceted von Humboldt and his influence in shaping America's vision of itself as a young republic in the newest issue of Impact, from the Smithsonian's Office of Advancement.

Read the Article on pg. 13

The Social Distancing Festival

If you miss stepping into a theater, concert hall, gallery, favorite music venue, or performance space, here's the next-best thing. The Social Distancing Festival is an online artists' community that celebrates the work of the many creators around the world who no longer have a showcase. It offers daily live-streamed events, archived videos, and original content that represents a full range of experiences, from art exhibitions in Paris to the new full-length work Joni Mitchell's The Fiddler and the Drum from Alberta Ballet to music from Mexico City. The site's monthly calendar is a feast for international culture lovers of all kinds.

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