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The Many Cultures of Taiwan

Evening Program with Tastings

Presented in partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 6:45 p.m.
Code: 1B0272
"Jiaobei" blocks are used to answer a yes or no question

Taiwan and its many smaller offshore islands may not be huge in area, but they contain vast history, traditions, cultures, and natural attractions. Get ready to explore many of the treats Taiwan has to offer during a single spectacular evening.

Learn more about Taiwan’s many indigenous cultures: Listen to the famous eight-part harmony of the Bunun tribe, examine the intricate weaving of the Truku, and discover the flying fish festival of the aboriginal Tao people. Make a virtual visit to Taiwan’s quirky Rainbow Village, and add your own artwork to a re-creation of that site.

Admire the blooming floral fabrics and intricate mudiao woodworking for which the Hakka people are famous, and learn about the rich history of indigo blue dye. Discover the history of Taiwanese railway travel, immerse yourself in the beauty of Taiwan’s temples, and find your future with the Taoist practice of Kau Cim and have it confirmed—or contradicted—by throwing your own pair of jiaobei blocks.

Enjoy Taiwanese music, food and drinks including the traditional “thunder tea rice” (lei cha), some hearty, salty Hakka dishes, and a generous tasting of typical street foods created by top area chefs.

Note: $25 student rate available (with valid ID). Call 202-633-3030 during our standard business hours.

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