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The Cuisine of Nigeria: Transcending Boundaries

In-Person Program with cookbook author Yewande Komolafe

Evening Lecture/Seminar

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. ET
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The city of Lagos, Nigeria, is a key part of a larger conversation about West African cuisine and its influences throughout the world. In her new cookbook, My Everyday Lagos, recipe developer and food stylist Yewande Komolafe writes about 75 dishes that are served in her fast-paced, ever-changing home city of Lagos. These recipes reflect the regional cooking of the country and reveal two complementary qualities of Nigerian cuisine: its singularity and accessibility.

The recipes, including classics like Jollof Rice, Puff Puff, and Groundnut Stew, are a starting point for the home cook, allowing them to trust the ingredients and achieve the variety of textures and flavors Nigerian food is known for.

Through essays that place ingredients in historical context, Komolafe explains how in a country where dozens of ethnic groups interact, a cuisine has developed that transcends tribal boundaries. And through the African diaspora, that cuisine has spread even farther: the bakas (street food restaurants) of London, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, and Newark all have their unique vision of Nigeria and reflect it in their food.

Join Komolafe as she discusses Nigerian cuisine, the country’s regions and peoples, and her own journey of self-discovery through understanding her home country and its food. Afterward, enjoy a light reception featuring bites from a local West African restaurant.

Copies of My Everyday Lagos (Ten Speed Press) are available for purchase and signing.

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