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Chocolate! Cioccolato! Schokolade! Chocolat!

Evening Program with Tasting

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 6:45 p.m.
Code: 1H0376
(Photo: Venchi)

Chocolate has quite a history—and it’s delicious. Join food historian Francine Segan as she explores its evolution from ancient grainy bitter brew to the smooth and luscious treat we love today.

Discover the role Christopher Columbus played in chocolate history, how Napoleon indirectly helped invent a new chocolate flavor, and why Babe Ruth sued a candy company. Trace the history of America’s favorite chocolate candies, including many Prohibition-era inspired treats (some spiked with illegal booze), up to modern chocolate trends like bacon bonbons.

From sweets to savory dishes to pairings with potables, chocolate always tastes luscious. Segan offers tips on how to add fabulous chocolate flavor to pasta, polenta, and main-course dishes. Red wine and chocolate? Absolutely! Tea and chocolate? You bet. Find out how in an entertaining guide to the many ways chocolate can be matched with beverages, wine, and spirits. Segan also looks at Italy’s important historic and contemporary contributions to chocolate cuisine.

Afterward, enjoy a tasting of fine imported Italian chocolates courtesy of Venchi and a specially selected French red wine that pairs perfectly with chocolate, Domaine La Tour Vieille from Kermit Lynch Selections, courtesy of Pearson’s Wine & Spirits in the District.

S. Dillon Ripley Center
1100 Jefferson Dr SW
Metro: Smithsonian (Mall exit)