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Inventor of the Future: The Visionary Life of Buckminster Fuller

Evening Lecture/Seminar

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 - 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. ET
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Buckminster Fuller

As the architectural designer and futurist best known for the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) enthralled a vast popular audience, inspired devotion from both the counterculture and the establishment, and was praised as a modern Leonardo da Vinci.

To his admirers, he exemplified what one man could accomplish by approaching urgent design problems using a radically unconventional set of strategies, which he based on a mystical conception of the universe’s geometry. His views on sustainability, embodied in the image of Spaceship Earth, convinced him that it was possible to provide for all humanity through the efficient use of planetary resources. From Epcot Center to the molecule named in his honor as the buckyball, Fuller’s legacy endures, and his belief in the transformative potential of technology profoundly influenced the founders of Silicon Valley.

In his book Inventor of the Future: The Visionary Life of Buckminster Fuller, author Alec Nevala-Lee reconstructs the origins of Fuller’s most famous inventions and designs, including the Dymaxion car, the Wichita House, and the geodesic dome; his fraught relationships with his students and collaborators; his interactions with Frank Lloyd Wright, Isamu Noguchi, Clare Boothe Luce, John Cage, and Steve Jobs; and his tumultuous private life.

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