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April 18, 2024

Enduring Splendors: Four Historic English Cities

4 Session Evening Course

4 sessions from April 11 to May 2, 2024
Upcoming Session:
Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
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Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

Enjoy a unique opportunity to explore four of England’s most beloved cities, each possessed of intriguing history, magnificent architecture, rare treasures, and famous residents. From York’s bustling medieval streets and Oxford’s beautiful colleges to the splendid vistas of Cambridge and the Georgian elegance of Bath, cultural historian Lorella Brocklesby showcases what has long made these cities unforgettable.

Brocklesby is an adjunct professor in the School of Professional Studies at New York University and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

April 11  York: City of Abundant Treasures

Medieval York, including the encircling walls; the Minster; ancient guildhalls; the Richard III connection; medieval houses in the Shambles; the Treasurer’s House, substantially rebuilt in the 17th century; the city during the Civil War; Georgian elegance, including the graceful Assembly Rooms designed by Lord Burlington; Fairfax House and its remarkable furniture collection; Victorian York and its pioneering importance in the 19th-century railroad era.

April 18  Oxford: Dreaming Spires, Architectural Masterpieces, and Idyllic Vistas

The medieval city and its castle; historic colleges; Christ Church cathedral; town, and gown disputes; the royal connection; architectural splendors including Christopher Wren’s Sheldonian Theatre and the impressive Bodleian Library; Ashmolean Museum treasures and the beautiful botanical garden; the spectacular Victorian Town Hall and Covered Market; Oxford today; rare finds from recent archaeological digs; and tranquil walks along the banks of the River Isis.

April 25 Cambridge: The City of Ancient Colleges (Where Town Met Gown)

The city foundation and its unique medieval buildings; the colleges; royal patronage; the exquisite medieval King’s College Chapel; the founding of Trinity College by Henry VIII; 17th-century Cambridge and the renowned Pepys Library; Clare College’s riverside gardens; the treasures in the Fitzwilliam Museum; Victorian town-and-gown disputes; the Victorian corn market; and an important pub with a World War II connection.

May 2  Bath: Scandals, Secrets, and Georgian Splendors

The Roman baths, Aquae Sulis, and the ancient medieval city; Samuel Pepys in 17th-century Bath; the Georgian city, including the Crescent; taking the waters at the Pump room; the rule of Beau Nash, the dandy who dictated social etiquette in the Assembly Rooms; scandals in Bath; Jane Austen’s sojourn in the city; Bath’s restored splendor today.

4 sessions

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