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Studio Arts Representative Volunteer


  1. Assist studio arts instructors and participants as requested and as needed;
  2. Promote membership and future participation in courses and program;
  3. Enhance program participants’ experience at our studio arts courses by providing a professional, hospitable welcome and assistance;

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Arrive at least forty-five minutes in advance for the first class and at least 30 minutes before subsequent sessions;
  2. Setting up the room with table placements, easels, covering tables with butcher-block paper as needed;
  3. Communicating with the instructor to coordinate aspects such as when to signal wrapping up;
  4. Welcoming students/participants upon arrival;
  5. Selling tickets and memberships (infrequently);
  6. Copying and distributing class handouts and other materials;
  7. Assisting the instructor before and during the class;
  8. For Life Drawing classes, providing the model with appropriate payment forms;
  9. Cleaning the room after each class session. This includes sweeping, wiping down tables, and cleaning the sinks;
  10. Distributing and collecting course evaluations at the last session;
  11. Returning the course packet to the office closet between class sessions and at the course conclusion;

Participating in the Courses

Studio Arts Reps are encouraged to dabble in the class, off to the side, but are asked to defer to the paying program participants when asking questions and seeking the instructor’s time. You are primarily responsible for assisting at programs and may not necessarily expect to see and /or participate in all aspects of the class sessions. Studio Arts Reps who feel they missed enough of the program that they would like to be assigned to it a second time are welcome to request it again.