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Events/Concessions Representative Volunteer

Flexibility, courtesy, and congeniality as well as a sincere willingness to work in partnership with other volunteers are important qualities exhibited by the volunteer corps. It is imperative for individuals seeking to volunteer in this capacity to be "people oriented" and have outstanding customer service skills.

A minimum of 40 volunteer hours per calendar year and participation in annual training sessions are required to maintain an active status as an Event/Concessions Representative.

Duties & Responsibilities - Event Representative

The duties of an Event Representative include, but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Welcome patrons with a greeting and a smile;
  2. Sell tickets and make change;
  3. Direct audience members to the location where the program is being held as well as to adjacent water fountains, restrooms, etc.;
  4. Collect tickets at the door of the auditorium/room;
  5. Distribute materials such as programs, handouts, or other material as instructed by the staff member on duty;
  6. Promote Smithsonian Associate Program Membership when selling tickets to non-members;
  7. Assist the staff member on duty in meeting some of the last minute needs of the speaker/instructor (getting water, cleaning off chalkboard, assembling handouts, etc.);
  8. Assist with late seating at all programs;
  9. Collect completed evaluations or other materials at the end of a full day program or course;
  10. Other duties as assigned;

Duties & Responsibilities - Concessions Representative

The duties of a Concessions Representative include, but may not be limited to the following:

Before sales hours:

  1. Arrive on time at 5:30 pm to prepare;
  2. Take inventory count of the food and drink items on the concessions cart;
  3. Record contents of the cash box at the beginning of the night on the Transaction Log;

During sales hours:

  1. Welcome and engage with patrons at the table;
  2. Sell snacks and beverages;
  3. Manage the cash flow throughout the night;

After sales hours:

  1. At 7:15 pm, roll the cart back to the Volunteer Office;
  2. Tally and report sales and inventory on the Transaction Log at the end of the night;
  3. Seal all the cash in the provided money bag and deposit it in the lock box;
  4. Provide any notes and feedback to staff to assist in improving the program;