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Exploring Balkan Food: A Private Dinner at Ambar Restaurant

Weekend Program with Dinner

Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 4:30 p.m.
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Sampling of Balkan food at Ambar Restaurant (Photo: Ambar Restaurant)

Modern food of the Balkan Peninsula reflects influences from the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires, other Slavic nations, and the Mediterranean. Explore this intriguing blend as you sample the food of Serbia during a private dinner at the new Ambar restaurant in Clarendon. Enjoy a wide-ranging menu that includes mezze, cheeses, spreads, kebabs, and other specialties, accompanied by a sip of rakiija, a traditional fruit brandy.

A representative of Embassy of the Republic of Serbia offers an overview of the country’s cuisine and its regional variations, and highlights cultural and religious aspects of life there, such as Slava, the celebration of a family’s patron saint.

The restaurant is open exclusively to Smithsonian Associates guests for the evening.

(includes one glass of wine per person)


Meat mezze
Beef prosciutto, roasted pork filet, smoked lamb sausage

Kajmak bar (served with bread)
Kajmak spread (savory clotted cream), smoked salmon, porcini mushrooms and walnuts

Spreads (served with bread)
Urnebes cheese and ajvar, garlic bean spread, tzatziki with roasted beets

Main course

Burek—phyllo layers filled with meat or cheese

Balkan kebab—assorted grilled meats (beef, veal, chicken)

Sarma—flavorful stuffed sour cabbage rolls

*Subject to change

Ambar Restaurant
2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
Metro: Clarendon