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Encaustic and Mixed-Media: Elements of Nature
8-Session Afternoon Course

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Wednesday, January 18 to March 8, 2017 – 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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The encaustic method of painting combines the luminescence of watercolor, the rich color and thickness of oils, and the quick-drying benefits of acrylic. The medium can be molded, sculpted, combined with collage materials, and reworked at any time.

In this workshop, ideal for all experience levels, learn to capture vibrant pigments using heated beeswax and damar resin, as well as fusing and carving in wax.

The first session takes place at the U.S. Botanic Garden, where students sketch in pencil, charcoal, or watercolor to capture elements of nature to be developed into encaustic paintings. Subsequent sessions meet in the studio where encaustic paint and brushstrokes are used to transform the drawings into a sculptural relief painting with a focus on a variety of aspects of color and highlighting positive and negative space. Paintings are built up with layers of brushwork, and include more drawing with an incising tool and adding emphasis to lines with oil stick paint. Learn to carve out shapes as you discover how encaustic painting can be a sculptural art form.

Safe methods of working, archival materials, and historical and contemporary approaches are introduced. No prior experience necessary. Some shared encaustic materials provided.

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Instructor: Marcie Wolf-Hubbard

8 sessions, 2.5 hours each


S. Dillon Ripley Center
Room 3041
1100 Jefferson Dr SW
Metro: Smithsonian (Mall exit)