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This program has been canceled. Ticket holders will be notified about credit and/or refund options.

Giants in the Sky: Mighty Military Aircraft

All-Day Tour

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Code: 1ND020
$155 - Member
$205 - Non-Member

A Super Stallion helicopter is loaded into a C-5A Galaxy (U.S. Air Force)

Their names tell the story of these magnificent flying machines: Galaxy, Globemaster, Starlifter, and others. They are among the largest and most specialized aircraft ever to fly with the United States military. Join pilot and transportation expert Scott Hercik as he goes behind the scenes and onboard these giant aircraft that carry soldiers and their supplies around the world.  

The day begins at Dover Air Force Base, home to the 436 Airlift Wing of the USAF Air Mobility Command and the 512th Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command. The base has a rich history of hosting a wide variety of training, anti-submarine, fighter, bomber, and transport aircraft. Learn of its current role as the home base to the state-of-the-art C-17 Globemaster III and the newly re-engined C-5M Super Galaxy. Tour the base control tower and explore the maintenance center, which is the only facility for conducting major ISO maintenance of the entire C-5M Super Galaxy fleet. Enjoy a luncheon with some of the talented men and women who keep these magnificent giants in the sky.

Afterward, explore the Air Mobility Command Museum, home to a variety of vintage aircraft and the largest military aircraft in any museum in the world. View the preserved base-control tower and the museum’s World War II-era display hanger. Explore a number of prop, turbo-prop, and jet aircraft and climb onboard the massive C-141 Starlifter. Other highlights feature the prop-driven C-124 Globemaster II, an historic C-47 flown on D-Day, the famous C-54 used in the Berlin Airlift, and an inside look at the C-5A Galaxy, the largest-ever American military jet.

Lunch is included.

Fringe stop at about 7:55 a.m.

Note: A government issued-photo ID is required, and controlled photography is permitted. Participants will be contacted prior to the tour for additional security information. 

Departs Mayflower Hotel, DeSales St side
1127 Connecticut Ave NW
Fringe: New Carrollton Metro, east side Kiss&Ride