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Dinner at Supra: Welcome to DC’s First Georgian Restaurant

Evening Program with Dinner

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 6:30 p.m.
Code: 1W0022

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Traditional Georgian food at Supra (Photo: Andrew Propp)

Supra has three meanings: a traditional tablecloth characteristic of the Republic of Georgia; a Georgian feast featuring an abundance of food, wine, and toasts (sometimes poetic, often lengthy, occasionally punctuated by song); and Washington’s first restaurant featuring all of the above. Since it opened in November, Supra has been garnering incredible buzz and praise from the district’s culinary scene. The restaurant is open exclusively to Smithsonian guests for an evening of family-style dining. Guests are treated to traditional Georgian dishes like kabab, ajaruli (boat-shaped cheese bread with organic egg yolk), and lobio kotanshi (red beans stewed with traditional spices, pickled red cabbage, and cornbread “Mchadi”), and more. Georgian wine—first produced, it is said, 8,000 years ago—accompanies the meal.

Mamuka Tsereteli, senior fellow, Central-Asia Caucasus Institute, places the region’s cuisine in cultural and historical context, and Supra head chef Malkhaz Maisashvili, a former chef at the Embassy of Georgia, is also on hand to welcome guests.

Arrive early and enjoy a drink at the bar. (Allergy note: Walnuts are used extensively in Georgian cooking and cannot be eliminated from dishes offered at Supra restaurant.)

1205 11th St NW
Metro: Shaw-Howard U