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Road Closures - Friday, July 19, and Saturday, July 20

There will be numerous road closures on Friday, July 19, and Saturday, July 20, due to the 50th celebration of Apollo 11 moon landing taking place on the National Mall. Travel by metro will not be affected, however, it is anticipated that there will be increased passenger traffic.

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The Battle of Monte Cassino

Evening Program

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 6:45 p.m.
Code: 1H0440
$30 Member
$45 Non-Member

Polish soldiers carry ammunition to the front lines during the battle of Monte Cassino, 1944

In many ways the Battle for Monte Cassino, which extended from January to May 1944, epitomized the Italian Campaign of 1943–1945. It represented a desperate contest of man against man and man against nature, often humbling the efforts of generals and technology. Troops from 18 nationalities participated in this bitter fight, and when the Allies finally secured the victory that opened the door to Rome, they still confronted a long struggle in the mountains of Northern Italy before the final triumph.

Author Timothy Mulligan, a retired archivist who specialized in captured German and related American military records of World War II at the National Archives, examines the battle from both sides' perspectives in the context of a campaign that eluded either opponent's ability to control.

Afterward, educator Al Gaspar presents a miniature war-game battlefield created to depict the Battle of Monte Cassino.

S. Dillon Ripley Center
1100 Jefferson Dr SW
Metro: Smithsonian (Mall exit)