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A Dozen Offbeat Adventures: Must-See Destinations for 2018

Evening Program

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 6:45 p.m.
Code: 1H0309
The Fitz Roy, Patagonia (

Want to make travel a bigger part of your life?  Mike and Anne Howard, who have spent the last six years traveling the world, share some of the places they think are worth adding to your dream list. With more than 500 regions of the world across 62 countries and 7 continents under their belt, they’re well equipped to tell you about a dozen top destinations—a different one for every month of the new year. 

They’re excited to get you started on your latest adventure, whether that involves catching the northern lights (without freezing) in Scandinavia, watching baby sea turtles take their first steps in Central America, hiking the Himalayas ablaze in pink rhododendron, and other unforgettable experiences. Using the calendar to help you plan effectively, they pinpoint the ideal times to go to each place for the best weather, cultural offerings, lowest prices, and fewest toursits. Get your passports ready and find your next destination.

The Howards, authors of Ultimate Journeys for Two (National Geographic), write the blog known for its off-the-track destinations and quest for immersive experiences.

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