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The Color of Beer

In collaboration with Smithsonian Libraries

Evening Program with Tasting

Evening Lecture/Seminar

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. ET
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(Boulevard Brewing Co.)

What links science, history, art, and culture? Color. An exhibit organized by Smithsonian Libraries now on view at the Natural History Museum journeys through collections—from chemistry to catalogs, colorblindness tests to couture—to look at color in a new light.

You may not realize it, but color is an important part of evaluating beer. We use all five senses when tasting the beverage, and the visual cues are most often our first impression. Appearance—from the beer’s color to the amount of foam to the glass it’s served in—leads us to make certain assumptions, either consciously or unconsciously, about what we can expect before we even take a sip. These assumptions have an impact on how we perceive the taste and smell of the beer, ultimately affecting our overall enjoyment.

In this special evening, beer expert Neil Witte leads a tasting that examines beer through the lens of color. Enjoy samples of five beers, along with light food pairings, and learn more about what the color of your beer says about its flavor and how it was made. Witte is the training and technical support manager for Duvel USA, Boulevard Brewing Co., and Brewery Ommegang. His is one of ten Master Cicerones in the United States, a designation of the highest level of professional certification as a beer specialist.

Beer is generously provided by Duvel USA, Boulevard Brewing Co. and Brewery Ommegang.

Smithsonian Connections

Smithsonian Libraries offers insights into the science of color, one aspect of the Color in a New Light exhibition, made possible by lead sponsor Benjamin Moore.


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