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Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg

Sat., June 20
Code: 1ND043

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One of the Civil War’s most brilliant commanderswas James Ewell Brown (“Jeb”)Stuart, whose imagination and daring ledRobert E. Lee to appoint him commanderof the Army of Northern Virginia cavalryat the age of 30. This tour, led by Civil Warauthority Ed Bearss, follows the controversialcavalry operations of Stuart and histroops during the Gettysburg campaign.

From Rowser’s Ford, where Stuartcrossed the Potomac on June 27 and 28,1863, follow the raiders’ route north to Hanover, Pennsylvania.Sites are included where Stuart’s Confederates captured aUnion supply train, routed the 1st Delaware Cavalry, andbattled Gen. Judson Kilpatrick on June 30.

After lunch at Altland House near Hanover, the tourcontinues to Hunterstown, where Brig. Gen.Wade Hampton(ordered into position by Stuart) clashed with Gen. George A.Custer’s Michiganders on July 2; the site of the July 3 cavalrybattle; and the area where Confederate Brig. Gen.William E.“Grumble” Jones and the Laurel Brigade battered the 6th U.S.Cavalry on July 3.

CODE: 1ND-043

7:30 a.m. to 6:45 p.m., by bus from the southeast corner of theAir and Space Museum, 4th St. and Independence Ave., S.W.

Departs 4th St. and Independence Ave., SW
southeast corner of the Air & Space Museum
No fringe stop on this tour.