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The Whole Hog: A Pitmaster’s Celebration of Tradition

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The Whole Hog: A Pitmaster’s Celebration of Tradition

Evening Lecture/Seminar

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 6:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
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Please Note: This program has a rescheduled date (originally July 20, 2023).

African American barbeque has a rich and complex history that spans centuries and continents. Today, there are countless African American barbeque restaurants and festivals throughout the United States, each with their own unique spin on this traditional cooking technique. From pulled pork to ribs to brisket, this world of barbeque has something to tempt everyone.

In his first cookbook, North Carolina pitmaster Ed Mitchell explores the tradition that made him famous: whole-hog barbeque. Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque shares his methods and fills in the unwritten chapters of the rich and complex history of North Carolina whole-hog barbeque. It’s one passed down through generations over the course of 125 years and harkens back even further to Mitchell’s ancestors who were plantation sharecroppers and, before that, enslaved.

Barbeque historian and pitmaster Howard Conyers joins Mitchell and his cookbook collaborators, son Ryan Mitchell and food historian and writer Zella Palmer, in a fascinating conversation that surveys the history and tradition of African American barbecue. Learn how that legacy is being kept alive today, as well as some tasty tips from barbeque experts.

Copies of Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque (Ecco) are available for purchase.

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