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Membership FAQs

1. Why are there so many Smithsonian memberships? (show/hide answer)

2. Why should I support Smithsonian Associates? (show/hide answer)

3. What is the difference between a Smithsonian Associates membership, a Friends of the Smithsonian membership, and a National Associate membership? (show/hide answer)

4. Can I transfer my Friends of the Smithsonian or National Associate membership to a Smithsonian Associates membership? (show/hide answer)

5. How do I purchase a gift certificate or give a gift membership? (show/hide answer)

6. When can I expect to receive my first Smithsonian magazine and the Smithsonian Associates program guide after signing up for membership? (show/hide answer)

7. How long does it take to get my Smithsonian Associates membership card after purchasing a membership? (show/hide answer)

8. How do I change my address? (show/hide answer)

Registration Tips, Tickets, and Policies FAQ

The Smithsonian Institution reserves the right to cancel, substitute individual speakers and/or session topics within a course, reschedule or relocate any course or event because of insufficient enrollments, unanticipated scheduling conflicts or emergency situations.

The Smithsonian Institution also reserves the right to refuse to register any individual or to require any participant to withdraw from an activity at any time when such action is determined by the Smithsonian staff to be in the best interests of the health, safety, or general welfare of the entire group or the participant.

Please note that tickets purchased within 10 business days of an event's start date will not be mailed and will be held at Will Call at the event location.

In case you forget or lose your ticket, your name will be on the event roster, and you will be admitted to the program.

1. How can I purchase tickets? (show/hide information)

2. How do I use a promotion code discount? (show/hide answer)

3. What happens if an event is sold out? (show/hide answer)

4. How are event changes in published schedules handled? (show/hide answer)

5. What is the photography/filming policy? (show/hide answer)

6. What are the ticketing fees? (show/hide answer)

Refund Policy FAQ

SMITHSONIAN ASSOCIATES DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS except in cases when a program is canceled or if it is filled before we receive your order.

Lectures, Seminars, Performances, Films, Studio Arts, One-day Study Tours Refund Policy: (show/hide)

Courses Refund Policy: (show/hide)

Overnight Study Tours Refund Policy: (show/hide)

Donating Tickets: (show/hide)

What are the policies for sold-out activities? (show/hide answer)

What are the policies for Summer Camp Refunds? (show/hide answer)

What are the policies for Art Collectors Refunds? (show/hide answer)

Visitors with Disabilities FAQ

1. What are the Smithsonian Associates capabilities for handicapped access? (show/hide answer)

2. What are the Smithsonian Associates capabilities for interpreters? (show/hide answer)