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Communities across the nation and the world are searching for insight, understanding, and connection as we consider how to work together toward positive change. This week's Digital Digest leads off with a Smithsonian resource that can help in that process.

And as usual, we offer a few at-home suggestions to make sure you continue to enjoy what you've come to value from Smithsonian Associates: programs and experiences that are entertaining, informative, eclectic, and insightful.

Talking About Race

How do we navigate the latest chapter in America's difficult conversation about race? The Smithsonian's African American History and Culture Museum offers some valuable guidance to help speak and engage constructively about an issue that's taken on a renewed urgency. The museum has collected a wide range of materials specifically designed for parents and caregivers, educators, and individuals committed to equity. Covering topics including bias, race and racial identity, community building, and historical foundations of race, the resources provide straightforward, personal, and compelling ways for everyone to better understand—and act on influencing—that national conversation. A recent statement by Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie Bunch reinforces the need to confront America's racial past.

Learn How To Talk About Race

Read Secretary Bunch's Statement

The Paratrooper Generals of D-Day

Generals during World War II usually stayed to the rear, but not Matthew Ridgway and Maxwell Taylor. During D-Day and the Normandy campaign, these commanders of the 82nd "All-American" and the 101st "Screaming Eagle" Airborne Divisions refused to remain behind the lines and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their paratroopers in the thick of combat. On June 23, military historian Mitchell Yokelson explores their unique style of leadership and how it played out in the most important American campaign of World War II. The program is among those in newest slate of Smithsonian Associates Streaming offerings.

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Bring the Museums Home

With 8 million objects, taking in the treasures of the British Museum is a daunting task, even for the hardiest among us. The museum has come to the rescue with a handy guide that provides a variety of ways that virtual visitors can experience its collections. From tours with Google Street View to digital exhibitions, podcasts and videos to learning activities for young people, you can immerse yourself in this London cultural landmark knowing a comfortable spot to rest is always in reach. We're turning to takeout more than ever, so why not dig into a nice fresh serving of art? Barnes Takeout delivers daily brief videos that take close-up looks at individual works from the Barnes Foundation. These informal staff-led sessions provide plenty of easy-to-digest nourishment for art lovers.

Explore The British Museum

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Catch a Train

Railroad fans are regularly on board for Smithsonian Associates' study tours that spotlight the region's historic railroads. Travel+Leisure has the ticket to itineraries farther afield. Settle in for some stunning virtual rail rides that sweep you through the mountain landscapes of Norway, over the highest rail crossing in Europe, to the top of Pike's Peak, into the Andes, and across the countryside of Japan and Wales, as well as other global destinations. If you miss more urban adventures, hop on the Flushing Express as it makes its way from Queens to Manhattan. (You'll need to simulate the turnstiles at home.)

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