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Civility in America: Where Did It Go? An Advice Columnists’ Roundtable with Steven Petrow, Lizzie Post, and Carolyn Hax
Can a trio of modern manners experts—and with their guidance, you—stem the tide of today’s increasingly uncivil society? Steve Petrow leads a candid (but polite) conversation with his Washington Post colleague Carolyn Hax and Lizzie Post, whose great-great grandmother was America’s first etiquette expert.
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 6:45 PM
Shakespeare’s Kitchen: Peacocks and Pageantry
Music may be the food of love, but the sumptuous banquets of the Elizabethan era were well-loved by fanciers of more substantial feasts. Food historian Francine Segan serves up a rich and delicious look at the art of dining in Shakespeare’s day.
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 6:45 PM
The Armed Pilgrimage: Understanding the Crusades
When armies of fervent European Christians first responded to the papal call to reclaim the Holy Land, they began to shape a new model of religious warfare—one that still finds echoes today. Historian Janna Bianchini re-examines common assumptions about the Crusades and their complicated legacies for the modern world.
Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 9:30 AM
The Habsburg Legacy
The world is still dealing with the troublesome remains of the Habsburgs’ 400-year-old empire, whose abrupt removal from the heart of Europe drove many of the catastrophes of the 20th century. Charles Ingrao examines the challenges that have been met and those that still confront us in coming to terms with that legacy.
Saturday, June 4, 2016 - 10:00 AM
Rounding Cape Horn: How Rum Fueled a Seafaring Age
Maritime historian Andy Jampoler chronicles the centuries of navigation through Cape Horn’s infamous passage, and explores the role that rum played in these voyages. Afterward, whet your own whistle with rum and grog tastings provided by Lyon Distilling Company of St. Michaels, Maryland.
Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 6:45 PM